Tweets Are Being Heard Within The Groundswell

Since the enormous  splash that social media has created within our society in the last five to ten years one thing is certain: if people are not satisfied they will no longer go unheard. With countless of social media outlets to let your voice be heard such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, etc. it is no wonder why companies such as AT&T have twenty one staff members working 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day covering both the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. (Li & Bernoff, 2011, p. 206) Companies such as AT&T have realized the endless opportunities that are available to them by getting involved within the groundswell. Of course as with any strategy taken within the groundswell, the company must be able to identify what goals they want to achieve before they jump into the deep end so to speak. As mentioned in Chapter 10: tapping the groundswell with twitter of the textbook groundswell, @McDonalds  is a great example of a company that has figured out what platforms such as Twitter can offer their company and they have paved the way to success by utilizing all that Twitter has to offer. McDonalds can play both ends of the game. Not only do they play great defense by being proactive while dealing with challenging situations such as in the case of the Shrek souvenir glasses recall when McDonalds was able to point their 75,000 followers to the right place for information which helped to mitigate the risk of a potential tarnished reputation and deal with the matter in a professional way. (Li & Bernoff, 2011, p. 197) However, it is their offensive strategy which makes them the company they are in the Twitter world. By utilizing their twitter handle to tweet about promotions they have found a way to keep their followers Lovin’ It.

Of course at this point we know how important the five groundswell objectives are within the groundswell but as Li & Bernoff point out to us in this chapter those five groundswell objectives can be applied while engaging with the Twitter world. First off the company must be listening to what Twitter has to say to them. As I mentioned previously customers are no longer silenced. When they are unhappy with you, you will hear about it; so listen to what they have to say, you can learn from it. Secondly you must talk to twitter. What good is listening if you do not intend on speaking out? Share what others will want to share, this will ensure that you are heard. Thirdly you must energize with twitter. This is where you ensure that all of your effort is being maximized. Make sure you are reaching out to the people that you want to reach out to otherwise it is simply just wasted energy. Next you must be supporting with twitter. This means that you are willing to act on what you have heard. If customers are having problems with your products or service make sure that you are there to support them or they will no longer be there. And lastly, your company must embrace twitter. (Li & Bernoff, 2011) Maximize your efforts by doing all that you can do, leave no stone unturned because this is what will set you apart from your competitors.

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Li, C., & Bernoff, J. (2011). groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technologies. Boston: Harvard Business Review Press .